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Meeting Minutes





  • Went to meet at Panera Bread in Huntington at the Walt Whitman Mall and found it closed
    for a training for new products for Panera Bread employees only
  • Relocated the meeting for the night to the Long Island Welcome Center on the
    Long Island Expressway, just east of exit 51 (Deer Park Avenue)
  • Next meeting July 30th at the Long Island Welcome Center
  • Price of Bitcoin down to ~6200 USD/BTC
  • Talked about various altcoins, use and infrastructure concerning spinning up a new altcoin
  • Looked at Bitcoin Gold price, has had large drops and is now ~25 USD/BTG
  • Discussed mining various altcoins and some bits about mining strategies and hardware


  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington at Walt Whitman Mall
  • Next meeting June 25th at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Price of Bitcoin down to 8400 USD/BTC
  • Requirements for purchasing Bitcoin in Coinbase seems to have changed recently; by default it now takes a week to buy Bitcoin
  • Examined buy/sell limits in Coinbase accounts (which seem to vary often)
  • Helped member retrieve cryptocurrency from an old wallet installation


  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington at Walt Whitman Mall
  • Next meeting May 21st at Panera Bread in Huntington (May 28th is Memorial Day holiday)
  • Price of Bitcoin up to ~9200 USD/BTC (dropped $200 to 9000 USD/BTC as we sat at the table)
  • Had a look at Twister website (software for peer-to-peer microblogging)
  • Mentioned Memo, a social network built on Bitcoin Cash
  • Member mentioned Sandboxie for sandboxing Windows VMs
  • Heard news that Microsoft disbanded the Windows Development Group, merged with Azure group
  • Discussed server administration for starting/stopping our Bitcoin node for upgrades
  • Discussed some issues of travel relating to Passports and Visas
  • Back in 2003 there were 15 U.S. that issued drivers licenses without photos; today it appears all have photos
    New York was the last U.S. state to switch to photos on drivers licenses, 1986
    13 U.S. states still allow for no photo on a driver's license, only for reasons of religious beliefs
    (New York is not one of the states that allow this.)
  • Discussed (vaguely) properties of ZCash and Monero cryptocurrencies in terms of anonymity
  • Discussed (general) differences between SELinux and AppArmor security configuration




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