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Meeting Minutes


2014-12-29 Meeting

  • Met at CSHL campus in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Made group decision on the Lidmug logo to use
  • Helped one member investigate erroneous sudden battery depletion on laptop
  • Discussed some of the details of the new Bitcoin blockchain transfer protocol and started some basic understanding and discussion of Merkle Hash Trees
  • Investigated further details concerning the Electrum bitcoin wallet, which does not require downloading the entire blockchain but does not have 'testnet' support, yet forks of it do
  • Updated linux_logo on Lidmug server via diff/patch to remove an extra character causing an unwanted terminal line break; discussed several other possible fix options
  • Read OpenVPN documentation
  • Enjoyed watching one member's game of FTL on Linux

2014-11-24 Meeting

  • Met at CSHL campus in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Discussion and examination of Libcoin source code to host our own BitCoin blockchain
  • Compiled the custom Libcoin source
  • Discussion of ways to access the custom blockchain on the server yet not have it public
  • Discussion of BitCoin clients that can make use of our own external blockchain
  • We played a bit with FireChat on our cell phones, testing the P2P chat functionality

2014-10-27 Meeting

  • Meeting moved to last Monday of the month and at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Some difficulties finding the correct location on CSHL campus
  • Wireless doorbell worked okay for being let in the door
  • Played with a BitCoin "testnet" server in a Docker instance
  • Attempted to do some BitCoin mining on the testnet; success with CPU mining but not with a USB ASIC; another blockchain hosting solution required to allow ASIC mining

2014-09-25 Meeting

  • Met at Panera Bread at the Walt Whitman Mall
  • Rolled 3D printed "hex" dice to create a BitCoin wallet using "truly random" data
  • Demonstration of how to take the rolled random data and create a wallet
  • Discussion of multiple keys being tied to a single wallet and implications on pseudo-anonymity
  • Multiple members had conflicts with the last Thursday so decided to move the meeting to the last Monday of the month
  • Suggestion to move the meeting to CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor, we decided to try it

2014-08-28 Meeting

  • Meeting back at Panera Bread at the Walt Whitman Mall
  • Don't know what happened as I was away at DebConf14 in Portland, OR.

2014-07-31 Meeting

  • Arrived at LaunchPad to find parking lot demolished and surrounded by a gate; no warning
  • Additionally back door for LaunchPad we were told to use to enter was locked and no sign
  • LaunchPad repeated query for # people expected despite email for this two days earlier
  • Projector was not available in the small conference room we were in this time
  • Overall debacle threw meeting off-kilter and discussion was off-topic much of the night
  • 10:30pm left LaunchPad in favor of continuing the meeting at Rosa's Pizza downstairs
  • After this experience decided to go back to meeting at Panera Bread in Walt Whitman Mall

2014-06-26 Meeting

  • Found parking lot behind LaunchPad a bit tricky to find parking in; very busy
  • No refreshments, we were offered the pasta left over in the fridge while waiting for others to arrive
  • Discussion of domain name and a "sock puppet" idea
  • Query about status of the Meetup group and if anyone has any control of it
  • Discussion and planning of how to set up a test cryptocurrency, blockchain, coin client, mining
  • Some discussion of the planned Bylaws

2014-05-29 Meeting

  • Met at LaunchPad in Huntington, they ordered a pizza for us from Rose's downstairs
  • Decision of organization name to be "Long Island Digital Money Users Group", i.e. "money" vs "monies"
  • Went over Draft ByLaws and found several items needing addressing
    • What qualifes as being an active member? (Article III) Currently too loose. "Being on the mailing list" equaling "being an active member" causes an issue when there are "66% super-majority vote from "active members" required
    • New motions -- # of members required (Article IV) is confusing. "Square root of the # of active members." Where are the # of active members stated, and how is that kept track of?
    • Logic by which business is conducted (Article V) likely needs modification. Among other things, "Dependent motions" language seems confusing, and "electronic forum" is too vague a specification.
    • Super-majority vote requires 66% vote of active members but there seems to be no specification of what determines if a member is active vs inactive. (Article IX)
    • "Approval voting" method is not specified
    • Concerning "Restrictions" section, Bitcoin itslef is considered political today, but the section states that LIDMUG will abstain from any political affiliation. (Article XI)
    • Conflict of Interest section mentions the word policy many times, but does not adequately define what the policy actually is. (Article XI)
    • What should the requirements be for making a meeting "official" for the organization? Announcing a meeting on Meetup should not be an official method.
  • Discussion concerning storage of shared documents, plan to install ownCloud 6 on server
  • Discussion of "administrative access control" document to document who has access to what services
  • Discussion of examining alternate ByLaws from other organizations to compare how they have been written compared to the current Draft ByLaws for Lidmug
  • Discussion concerning Lidmug's Meetup page, as the May 29th meeting was not posted there and Matt is currently the only one with admin control of it.
  • Bill had the idea of starting a "test cryptocurrency" so we could all figure out how Bitcoin and other Altcoins really work internally. That seems like a good idea.
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