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  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to ~377.40, trending downward.
    Bitcoin price shot up to ~500 USD in the first week of November, followed by a drop to ~330 USD.
    Bitcoin price seems to be most tied to money transfers in China.
  • Discussed planned adopters of BIP 101 (BitcoinXT)
  • Discussed issues related to DDoS attacks at length in relation to machine and ISP network topology
  • Discussed issue of domain expiring in February (Matt)
  • Discussed issue of server ownership transfer delays (Matt)
  • Discussed adding a miner to the P2pool mining pool
  • Investigated minor time offset on server, adjusted cron job to insure < 1 sec off at all times
  • Had a look at a mining calculator for estimating income vs mining rig specs
  • Briefly discussed M-Pesa for transferring money via cellphone and similarities to transferring money with Bitcoin


  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to ~287.80, trending downward
  • Discussed Russia keeping Bitcoin illegal to trade
  • Reddit Bitcoin subreddit now has a single thread where discussing the various BIP Block size increase proposals is allowed
    [BIP-100] [BIP-101] [BIP-102] [BIP-103] [BIP-104] [BIP-105] [BIP-106]
  • Discussed the rediculous 250 KW of power per rack that BitFury is planning on cooling using immersion cooling
  • Discussed some interesting things from a Bitcoin IRC meeting, such as the pending swtich away from the LevelDB database to SQLite
  • Theorized "What could a demise of Bitcoin look like?" (thought experiment)
  • Discussed Bitcoin wallet feature of the wallet retransmitting an unconfirmed transaction using a slightly larger transaction fee


  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to ~240.75, trending downward
  • Discussed some recent Bitcoin news (a few examples):
    • Bitcoin declared a commodity by the CFTC
    • Chinese researchers propose using an encrypted blockchain
    • Mt Gox CEO charged with theft of $2.7M of clients' money
  • now runs a forum
  • Discussed the development idea of "weak blocks" to speed up transactions
  • Bitcoin block size planned to be increased to 2, 4, 8MB per block
  • Discussed the idea of "Pegged Sidechains"


  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex down to ~232, trending upward
  • Discussed explosion in China at a chemical plant, 75 dead reported so far
  • Discussed Bitcoin exchanges recently glitching out during high volume trading
  • Discussed draconian new censorship rules on the Bitcoin subreddit (discussing Bitcoin XT has become a ban-able offense)
  • Discussed differences in Bitcoin forking proposals; BIP100 and BIP101 (BIP101 has code for the implmentation, BIP100 does not.)
  • Viewed a fair bit of: EB94 Gavin Andresen On thg blocksize and Bitcoin's governance
  • BIP100 requires 80% of the mining pool to raise the block size, but only 20% to lower it; this is interesting being that F2Pool has 21% of the mining power. See: Pools
  • Approximately 13.5% of Bitcoin nodes have switched to run BIP101 based on xtnodes
  • Coinbase now runs an exchange
  • After numerous stories of data capture by Microsoft in Windows 7/8/10 we discussed possible mitigation by a BlockWindows script and configuration files


  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to ~296 USD, leveling off
  • Reviewed generating paper wallets via (generate the address offline!)
  • Discussed generating "vanity keys" that contain a particular string (for both Bitcoin and GPG keys)
  • If you're wondering "How secure is my password?", there's a website for that...
  • Discussed anonymity in relation to buying Bitcoins locally via
  • Found "Bitcoin Wallet for Testnet" for Android (currently Testnet3)
  • Discussed Testnet "Faucets" to obtain Testnet coins
  • Viewed Bitcoin intro video again
  • has an option to print paper wallets for Testnet

2015-06-29 Meeting

  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to ~256 USD, trending upward
    Expectation of price increase soon due to Greece possibly defaulting on their loans or getting out of the Euro
  • Discussed transactions having multiple inputs and multiple outputs.
    Looked at examples by examining transactions on
  • Studied the tc man page to stop the QoS rules for throttling the Bitcoin node running in a docker image
  • Looked at to check if our node was listed

2015-06-01 Meeting

  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • This meeting marks the one year anniversary of the site and mailing list
  • Discussed upcoming Bitcoin code fork for the block size limit
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex down to ~222 USD, trending downward
  • Discussed the "lightning network" idea in Bitcoin PDF presentation, white paper
  • Watched a fair portion of this video about Lightning Network
  • Deprecated and created a redirect page to, also created a 404 page with a redirect as well to redirect pages from the old site to the main page of the new one
  • Listened to a "Lets Talk Bitcoin" podcast with guest Gavin Andresen

2015-04-27 Meeting

  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Discussed recent Bitcoin margin call
  • Discussed Bitcoin price on Bitfinex, down to ~$226 USD, trending upward
  • Added (:keywords:) and (:description:) meta tags to main page for SEO
  • Added (:keywords:) and (:description:) meta tags to meeting minutes page for SEO
  • Altered website title from "Lidmug wiki" to "Lidmug Bitcoin group" for SEO
  • Discussed WIRED article about a strange token scheme by to offer stock outside of NYSE and NASDAQ
  • Looked for local Long Island Bitcoin groups, such as libmc
  • Member showed using Coinbase to purchase some Bitcoin
  • Discovered reddit page specifically concerning Bitcoin
  • Discussed difficulty of modifying list archives from Mailman

2015-03-30 Meeting

  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Discussed the FDIC backing of some new exchanges, which are going to back the money at the exchanges but not the Bitcoin, so essentially it's "fluff" as far as we understand it
  • Discussed Bitcoin price and speculated concerning future price vs volume (currently $248 per BTC, trending downward)
  • Discussed Mycelium Entropy keys (manual here, GitHub repo here) to gain addition hardware entropy for generating Bitcoin wallets
  • As of today, 2/3rds of all Bitcoins have been mined.
  • Discussed Direct Deposit via Bitwage to convert salary to Bitcoin
  • Discussed Trezor Bitcoin Safe
  • Discussed OKcoin cold storage methodology
  • Trying to figure out how to keep the Lidmug mailing list out of the GMail /Spam folder
  • Watched a video about a Chinese Bitcoin miner operation
  • Member made an online purchase on Newegg and paid with Bitcoin to demonstrate the procedure; payment was nearly instant (no 10 min wait)

2015-02-23 Meeting

  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Discussed and generated ssh pre-shared keys via ssh-keygen to connect to Lidmug server without sending a password over the Internet
  • Discussed ongoing work to deploy ownCloud on Lidmug server
  • Discussed pre-installed Superfish key by Lenovo and how to check for it
  • Discussed Linux application Sandboxing
  • Investigated odd Linux kernel scaling_governor issue, discovered that newer Intel CPUs do not have the "ondemand" governor available and instead use the "powersave" governor; likewise the "userspace" governor is not available either
  • Discussed Windows OneGet, a new open-source package manager for Windows
  • Discussed Namecoin .bit TLD domain name resolution by way of <domain>
  • Discussed BitCoinWisdom website. Bitcoin price hovering at $240 USD, slowly trending downward, Litecoin $1.77 USD
  • Tested running sshd on multiple ports, standard port does not work through proxy
  • Looked for configuration to allow Bind9 to resolve the entire .bit domain, found a PHP implementation that will do it

2015-02-05 Meeting, rescheduled to today, combined with Windows Admin meeting

  • Met at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor
  • No Lidmug business was discussed
  • Discussed running free software on firewalls and the new PC Engines APU boxes that have Gigabit interfaces
  • Discussed pfSense. One member of the Windows Admin group had created packages for pfSense and did a live show-and-tell of the system
  • Discussed Ninite, a package installer for Windows that will allow keeping its set of packages up-to-date
  • Discussed Vyatta (which has since become VyOS) and Untange both of which are firewall distributions based on Debian
  • Worked through an issue dual-booting Windows concerning the clock due to Windows storing local time in the hardware clock without the "RealTimeIsUnversal" registry entry which has some issues with it
  • Discussed the upcoming Windows 10 being free to switch to from Windows 7 and 8 within a year of it's release; will not be switching to a subscription model. Verified this after the meeting.
  • The group went through 10 questions from the MCSA/MCSE test 410

2015-02-02 Meeting, rescheduled to today

  • Meeting canceled again due to snowstorm that dropped 0.2"-0.4" of ice

2015-01-25 Meeting

  • Postponed to Feb 2nd due to nor'easter predicted to drop 22"-35" of snow
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