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Meeting Minutes



  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington at Walt Whitman Mall (last meeting for the year)
  • Next meeting January 29th at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Price of Bitcoin up to $19,000 USB/BTC :-( This is a bubble
  • Had a look at the (long) list of cryptocurrencies at coinmarketcap
  • Discussed ssh dynamic port forwarding to allow browsing from a known source from a remote location
  • Had a brief discussion of online games the group could play; looked at OpenTTD
  • Had a look at the Village Telco Mesh Potato
  • Found an update patch for Diablo 1 HD
  • Mentioned a story about Sopranica, a surveillance-free cellular network that uses Wi-Fi (for now)
  • Due to Bitcoin price rise, supposedly MtGox is now solvent again and MtGox users that lost their Bitcoin at the exchange will get their money back (haven't found a link for the story yet)
  • $68M theft of Bitcoin from NiceHash
  • Briefly had a look at a list of Bitcoin forks (and more are coming)
  • Bitcoin is breaking because of volatility and high transaction fees
  • Steam has given up on Bitcoin due to volatility and high transaction fees


  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Next meeting December 18th at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Price of Bitcoin up to ~9711 USD/BTC :-o (Wow, very nearly $10K!)
  • Discussed scam by Confido of $374k from investor's money in Initial Coin offering
  • Discussed Intel ME firmware bugs
    Intel's page describing ME firmware revisions vs CVE numbers
  • Discussed cryptojacking -- using JavaScript in web pages to CPU mine for cryptocurrency
  • Discussed overheat problem on laptop when using Nouveau open-source driver with an NV50 GPU
  • Discussed release of Bitcoin Gold which all Bitcoin holders before the fork now have some of
    Unfortunately there's already been a $3.2M wallet scam
  • Turns out the Segwit2x fork wouldn't have worked because of critical bugs


  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Next meeting November 27th at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Price of bitcoin up to ~$6130 USD/BTC :-o
  • Bitcoin Cash fork is having a hard fork on November 13th to fix difficulty oscillations
  • It has become commonplace for web pages to have connecting users mine cryptocurrency via JavaScript
  • Julian Assange thanks the U.S. government for forcing financial institutions to disallow contributions to Wikileaks, as it forced Wikileaks to invest in Bitcoin which resulted in a 50,000% return
  • Jeff Garzik is creating a new cryptocurrency called Metronome which will be capable of jumping between blockchains, and supposedly won't have exchanges for it in the normal sense. [What is it?]
  • Coinbase is up to 12 million users
  • Bitfinex is terminating business with U.S. users due to the resources required in to support, legal, and regulatory issues


  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Next meeting October 30th at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Price of Bitcoin dropped about 25% becuase of China closing Bitcoin exchanges
    Now price is back up ~$3950 USD/BTC
  • China cracked down and closed Bitcoin exchanges and ordered most to close by September 30th
    while some others have another month
  • Exchange BTC-e seized by the FBI, now reopened as WEX
    BTC-e gave back 55% of exchange money back to customers despite this, will return the
    rest to customers as they make profit
  • Namecoin now $1.48 USD/NMC
  • New Bitcoin Core node version 0.14.5 software is banning node 0.14.5(2x) connections
    because the developers consider these connections "an attack on the Bitcoin network" :-(
    This means the Bitcoin Core developers are injuring the integrity of the Bitcoin network.
  • Discussed OS changeover for Lidmug server to <anything else than CentOS>


  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Next meeting September 25th at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Price of Bitcoin at Bitfinex $4364 USD/BTC :-o
  • Had a look at the GPD Pocket, a cool 7" pocket laptop
  • Examined some of the documentation for Qubes OS, an OS built on OSes operating in Xen VMs
  • Discussed Burger King having launched its own cryptocurrency WhopperCoin
  • Briefly examined some firewall rule features of recent versions of Untangle
  • Supposedly the NSA knows the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto by using correlation of Satoshi's writing
  • Had a quick look at Microtik RouterOS
  • Estonia is starting it's own cryptocurrency, Estcoin


  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Next meeting August 28th at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Price of Bitcoin has swung ~$1000 USD within the last two weeks,
    Miners accepted a scaling solution and Bitcoin price bounced back
    Bitcoin price currently $2785 USD/BTC at Bitfinex
  • Bitcoin transaction backlog has dropped to ~2300 (about 6 MB) which is more reasonable
  • Segwit2x already activated (hit 97% miner voting, activation threshold was 80%)
  • The first block after Segwit2x activates is required to be > 1 MB to avoid
    problems in the case of a re-org or in case the old chain continues to be mined
  • Our Bitcoin node was crashing due to disk I/O issues with Docker. This seems like
    an indication that we need to upgrade from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7
    We discussed some details about how to do the upgrade/migration
  • A group is forking the Bitcoin blockchain August 1st without Segregated Witness
    and have called the fork Bitcoin Cash
  • Tried to debug a complicated route table attempting to use a VPN over WiFi teather
  • An Ethereum "theft" involved defacing a website for an Initial Coin Offering
    replacing the address to send coins to with the attacker's


  • Met at Panera Bread in Huntington
  • Next meeting July 25th
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to ~$2400 USD/BTC, trending downwards
  • New SegWit2x proposal has near 85% miner consensus, but 0% core developer consensus. :-o
  • Coinbase seems to be closing accounts of security researchers that are helping businesses pay ransoms
  • Discussed history and origins of KDE and Gnome (desktop environments) licensing
  • Mentioned SGI IRIX desktop clone MaXX desktop
  • Looked at prices of various alt currencies at
  • Looked at ZCash price (~$300 USD/ZEC)
  • Our Bitcoin node crashed again :-(


  • Met at Webair in Garden City
  • Next meeting June 26th
  • Bitcoin price took a big jump up to $2200 USD/BTC, now down to $2116
  • Attempt in progress for a Segregated Witness "user-activated soft fork"
  • The average Bitcoin transaction fee is now $2.50 USD. (Ouch!)
    In January 2017 it was $0.30
  • Briefly talked about Endless Sky again, concerning the main storyline
    and how to get to some "inaccessible" areas in the map
  • Bitcoin market capitalization up to $33B USD
  • Mining difficulty up to 560 billion
  • Watched some of the Bitcoin consensus 2017 talk
  • Talked about how much money the wannacry malware has gotten so far ($110K)
  • Had a look at some custom-made Bitcoin addresses that contained human-readable text in the addresses
  • Looked at "example" Bitcoin addresses such as "1BitcoinEaterAddressDontSend59kuE"
    however, looking -- it's received 240 payments!
  • Discussed Child Pays For Parent (CPFP) as a way to get Bitcoin transactions that have too low a transaction fee "unstuck"


  • Met at Webair in Garden City
  • Next meeting May 22nd (May 29th is Memorial Day, June 1 interferes with other plans)
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to $1345 USD/BTC.
    Bitoin on Bitfinex is artificially inflated due to their banking partner pulling out
    Users are having to use their money at the exhange to buy Bitcoin (at a premium), then transfer the Bitcoin out of Bitfinex due to cash withdrawals not being possible
    Bitcoin price roughly $1250 USD/BTC on other exchanges
    (This is reminiscent of how things started to go wrong with MtGox)
  • Bitcoin Unlimited nodes are crashing due to DDoS + exploit (our node went down)
  • Coin Dance shows Miners are voting 41% for the Bitcoin Unlimited fork, 34% for Segregated Witness
  • Supposedly some Bitcoin ATMs accept cash for BTC without requiring ID for up to $2000 USD
    allowing for buying Bitcoin pseudo-anonymously
  • A VPN service was recently taken to court for client info and showed the VPN service doesn't log
    (we're trying to figure out which VPN service this was)
  • Looked into "distributed ledger" software for Blockchain implementation seperate from Bitcoin
    (Also looked at hyperledger)
  • Long discussion about specific meaning of terms (e.g. "organic") in terms of Blockchain ledger
  • Ubuntu is giving up on Unity, Mir, and their phone OS :-(
  • Had a look at the free open-source game Endless Sky, similar to EV Nova


  • Met at Webair in Garden City
  • Next meeting April 24th, 2017
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex down to $1037 USD/BTC. The price was up to ~$1280 USD/BTC on March 7th
  • Ethereum price is skyrocketing, up to ~$50 USD/ETH due to Bitcoin uncertainty
  • Miners are switching away from Bitcoin Classic to Bitcoin Unlimited (40%) and Segregated Witness (25%)
  • Bitcoin Unlimited notes experienced crashes due to remote exploit on March 14th
  • Updated Lidmug server for kernel updates + rebooted
  • Briefly discussed kubernetes which spins up and down Docker containers based on load, similar to Amazon EC2
  • Bitcoin Core has a patch prepared to implement BIPS-0148 (Segregated Witness) which will activate on November 15th, 2017 which will reject blocks that don't vote for Segregated Witness.
    We spent some time looking at the patch in GitHub to verify that the patch hadn't been merged (yet)
  • Started a compile to switch our Bitcoin node to Bitcoin Unlimited; node will be down until tomorrow


  • Met at Webair in Gargen City
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to $1206 USD/BTC (wow)
  • Discussed the ZeroCoin theft of ~$592,000 (370,000 Zerocoin) due to a source code typo
    additional source of comments
  • Discussed why Coinbase suspended operations in Hawaii
    (due to the requirement to keep cash reserves equal to the amount of Bitcoin held by customers)
  • Watched a short debate with Peter Schiff about Bitcoin vs gold (we noted that there's some misinformation)
  • removed the Bitcoin payment option
  • Discussed occasionally looking at the BitcoinMarkets subreddit occasionally, which concerns only the Bitcoin price
  • Discussed a possible upcoming Bitcoin COIN ETF [Exchange Traded Fund] which sounds like Bitcoin would essentially be purchasable on NASDAQ
  • Discussed viaBTC Transaction Accelerator to get around Bitcoin blocks being full
  • Watched a fair bit of a Bitcoin Scaling Debate [2 hours]
    (Along with the Bitcoin development / technologies discussion, watching the audio engineer work with the mixer and looking at the audio equipment used is also very interesting)
  • Set next meeting date for March 27th and double checked that it doesn't conflict with any U.S. Holidays


  • Met at Webair in Garden City
  • Bitcoin price on Bitfinex up to $919 USD/BTC
  • Discussed Bitcoin Unlimited 1.00003 MB block size bug causing Bitcoin Unlimited nodes to get IP banned.
    One miner lost $12k due to a mined block not being theirs after upgrading their node to a new fork. Others lost money by not being able to mine Bitcoin until software was updated to the new fork.
  • Had a look at at the Bitcoin nodes
    SegWit requires 95% of nodes to use it before activation, currently at 23.6%
    Bitcoin Unlmimited requires 75% of nodes using it before activation, currently at 19.5%
  • Discussed Arch preparing to drop i686 support
  • OpenBazaar software had an upgrade since last meeting, now v1.1.10
    Discussed running openbazaard on a remote server to allow keeping a store running
  • Member locally installed OpenBazaar and openbazarrd for testing
  • Briefly discussed Git and etckeeper
    and showed an example etckeeper automated commit after a Yum update
  • Discussed running Apache2 multiple virtualhost users on FreeBSD vs Linux (Debian or Ubuntu)
  • Discovered that the 'atsar' package (the 'sar' system activity reporter) has been removed from Debian;
    unmaintained upstream, obsolete, alternatives available
  • Had another look at the Path of Exile game; works on Linux in WINE with an Nvidia video card
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