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Meeting Minutes



  • Price of bitcoin $43500 USD/BTC
  • Talked about the surge in the popularity of Doge coin.
  • Reviewed the payment methods available on Coinbase.
  • Went over ways to make a paper wallet. The site bitcoinpaperwallet[DOT]com is a known scam. DON'T USE IT!
  • is a safe alternative. It's an open source Java Script application and you can download the HTML site and run it offline.
  • Looked at the Trezor hardware wallet.


  • Price of bitcoin $54000 USD/BTC
  • Discussed the Forbes article about expiring options being a bullish indicator.
  • Talked about the decoded Spacex down link signal that was decoded by amateur radio enthusiasts.
  • Discussed the general state of space travel, including projects like SLS.
  • Talked about the legal ramifications of buying a home with bitcoin.


  • Price of bitcoin $53000 USD/BTC
  • Discussed buying a house with bitcoin
  • Shared a link to a video describing how bitcoin works on a technical level:
  • Discussed the ling term utility of cryptocurrencies
  • Resolved a Mumble bug by updating Mumble.
  • Discussed video chat options


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