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This is documentation for the typical tasks done to operate the organization.

Tasks for operating Lidmug

  • Announce the meeting to the mailing list the day before the meeting
  • At the start of the meeting, edit the front page of website to set date for next meeting
  • During meeting, edit Meeting Minutes page to add minutes directly
  • Approximately every two weeks, run 'yum update' on the server as root for security updates
  • In between meetings, during the month add stories to the "Pending" stories available to discuss
    (I find this easier than trying to prepare a list of stories a day or two before the meeting)
  • Periodically update the PmWiki software on the server as a "wikifarm"
    Instructions for how to do this are on the server in /usr/local/share/wikifarm/README.update
    1. Download new PmWiki tarball
    2. Expand new PmWiki version via 'tar -xvf'
    3. 'chown -R root:root' the newly untarred PmWiki version
    4. Make softlink from 'pmwiki' to new version directory
  • Periodically read "logcheck" email from Lidmug server to look for system log anomalies
    • If there are logs being emailed that are not actionable such that they aren't terribly useful to see,
      then edit logcheck filters in /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.server/local-<filename> to add filters
      to filter out the messages
    • If there is abuse occurring that needs to be mitigated via automatic firewall rules, then
      add Fail2Ban rules into /etc/fail2ban/jail.local
  • Periodically consider upgrading server OS and/or migrating the system to an updated OS
    • CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise do not officially support OS upgrade-in-place,
      whereas Debian-based OSes such as Debian and Ubuntu do
  • Periodically examine email logs and consider whether additional email filtering is needed.
    If so, add additional rules to /etc/exim/exim.conf and test email system to insure proper functioning
  • Periodically update Dada Mail and make modifications to the software
    to remove marketing added to outgoing emails
  • Periodically update the Bitcoin node software and configure for "pruning" to reduce local storage used
  • Periodically consider new functionality for the website
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Page last modified on June 21, 2020, at 04:55 PM