FW: [NYSBS] Our Next Meeting - Wednesday January 12th

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Subject: FW: [NYSBS] Our Next Meeting - Wednesday January 12th
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Date: January 5th 2022 6:42p.m.

Greetings folks,


In case anyone’s interesting, the meeting below is free and open to all – one week from tonight at 6pm, Wednesday, January 12, 2022.


Subject: [NYSBS] Our Next Meeting - Wednesday January 12th


By popular request, our meeting this month will be a presentation by Robert Crane on The Blockchain (see description below).  This was a hot topic of conversation at the end of a recent meeting, so we decided to dedicate an entire meeting to this topic.  This is an up-and-coming area and people are looking to build expertise.  Robert has a great background in this area and will share his technical know-how along with his insights into business opportunities in this area.

Our meeting starts at 6 pm. Here is the link to register:


Thank you.

An introduction to the blockchain


The blockchain is far more than just cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Come along and learn first hand what the blockchain is, how it works and what real world applications it is playing that you may not even realise. This session aims to help you understand why the blockchain is going to cause a fundamental impact in way that many things in our world operate, including currency.



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