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Mumble for virtual meetings

We will be using Mumble and mumble-server on our own server for the meeting.
This instance of mumble-server is run on our own server and thus does not use outside services.
Mumble is a free chat application which serves text and audio; it does not do video nor allow sending attached files.

Download or install Mumble for PC/Mac/Linux/iPhone or Mumla for Android,
connect a headset if available, and start Mumble to configure it using the Audio Wizard.
Then in the application click on "Server" in the main window,
press the "Add New" button in the dialog that opens, and use these settings:

Port: 64738
Username: <choose your own unique username>
Label: "Lidmug" <or any other label you find more descriptive>

Testing the audio connection

Once connected to the server, click "Configure", then "Settings", then "Audio Output" on the left,
then in the "Loopback Test" section set the Loopback to "Server", press "Apply", and then test if you can hear yourself.
Remember to switch Loopback back to "None" and press "Apply" after testing that audio works.

Then near meeting time, connect to the server using Mumble.

Long Island Welcome Center on the Long Island Expressway:

For meetings at the Long Island Welcome Center:

5100 Long Island Expy
Dix Hills
NY 11746

Long Island Welcome Center

Panera Bread in Huntington at the Walt Whitman Mall:

For meetings at Panera Bread:

160 Walt Whitman Rd
Huntington Station
NY 11746

Panera Bread

Webair in Garden City:

For meetings at Webair in Garden City:

501 Franklin Ave
Garden City
NY 11530


Park in the back and use the side entrance; it's less of a walk than the front entrance.

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Page last modified on February 22, 2021, at 02:40 PM